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Michael Var Fickle songs

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Michael Var Fickle - "The Clavicle Gate" CD 2013. - 12 song CD. Lyrics included. $9.99 + $2.99 shipping

Fickle's best! After many years off the grid, Michael Var Fickle returns with "The Clavicle Gate". “Solid. There aren't many releases in a calendar year where ALL the songs are good. The Clavicle Gate is one of them. From intense self doubt to eerie finger pointing, Fickle lays open as if it were a confessional. Strange love songs to women AND drugs, Fickle seems adamant towards his convictions and begging forgiveness for them at the same time. The vocals range from a desperate plea to a rage filled snarl. Clearly Fickle has put some time into the lyrics("I toast this crash and burn to you") and while the musical end of the songwriting is top notch with hooks galore(i never knew what to expect around each corner), it's the lyrics that really make the release shine("keys are heard jinglin' down the hall, while the mask lip-syncs a sympathy call"). Recommended listening. I even liked the cover art.”

1) Obligatory Intro

2) unsaid (precious to me)

3) Nickles And Dimes, Baby

4) Halt My Hands

5) What to Do

6) Twelve Years Between Coins

7) Guidance

8) Is It You Or Is It Me?

9) You're A Fake, You're A Fraud...And I'm Your Biggest Fan

10) Cynical Show

11) On My Head

12) So Worn You're Warm (Ugly)

The Clavicle Gate, released 06 August 2013 MVF: vocals, guitar & piano Keith Thomson: bass Dave Perry: drums Damen Thompson: guitar Jeff Zielinski: drums on tracks 2,7,8 & 9 Dave Schall: guitar on tracks 8 & 11 Jim Fourniadis: bass & background vocals on tracks 11 & 12 Chad Knight: drums on tracks 11 & 12 Josh Sokal: additional bass on track 2

Produced by MVF.  All songs by MVF. Released 06 August 2013.

Michael Var Fickle - "Mortician's Funeral" CD - 7 song CD. Includes lyrics. $9.99 + $2.99 shipping

I like this CD. The first 3 songs are "live" in the studio. The opening song is an innocent sounding rocker in the vein of Lou Reed. The next 2 songs are loud and raw. Very raw. My guess is that Fickle was going thru a session of primal scream therapy and couldn't shake it off. Just when you think you have adapted to the over-all sound of this cd, Blang! He throws a crazy country song at you that features a great solo by the incredible Rusty Wright. It also features bass and great background vocals by Jim Fourniadis from Rats of Unusual Size. Fickle follows that with a somber song with a bit more rage that Fickle usually serves up. WHAT NOW? WHAT! PSYCHEDELIA? O.k. I did not see that coming. To end the cd....well, I'm not sure how to explain this live performance. First time I have heard someone do that. "Mortician's Funeral" may only be 7 tracks, but it has no problem tossing you around like a half empty bullet at the wrong kind of party that has you sneaking trips to the bathroom....looking over your shoulder.
1) Reach All
2) Pop Tune Penance
3) Cancer Eye
4) She's Been Away
5 ) Who Were You (live)
6) Sauteed Road Kill (live)
7) Any Requests? (live)
Tracks 1-3: MVF : guitar and vocals RB Suave : bass Tim Flynn : drums Matt Florez : lead guitar Track 4: MVF : guitar and vocals Jim Fourniadis : bass and background vocals Chad Knight : drums Rusty Wright : lead guitar Track 5: Live on WFBE Flint, MI MVF: vocals and guitar RB Suave : bass Matt Florez : lead guitar Tim Flynn : Track 6: Live on WFBE Flint, MI MVF: screams and talking Steve Newlin: guitar Steve Voller: bass Tim Flynn: drums Track 7: Live at The Cave. Chapel Hill, N.C. MVF: guitar and vocals Dave Perry: drums Keith Thomson: bass Damon Thompson: lead guitar

All songs by Michael Var Fickle except track 6 written by Newlin, Voller, Flynn and MVF & track 7 written by MVF, Perry, Thomson and Thompson.

Produced By Michael Var Fickle

Mastered by Marc Jacob Hudson



Michael Var Fickle - "Worrystone" CD - 8 song CD. Lyrics included. $9.99 + $2.99 shipping.

Many fine moments on this one. "Fined", "Two Tons of Crazy" and "Haven't A Clue" are early signs that there may actually be a songwriter hidden somewhere in this hyper, poetic, funk-punk free for all. I read an interview with MVF some years back and he was recalling his early experience with seeing live bands. "I noticed that most of the bands had the same problem. All of their songs sounded the same! I decided right then, that would not happen to me". Clearly he took it to heart, as he jumps from one style to the next with wild abandon. Not an easy task, so it helps that the musicianship on "Worrystone" is top-notch. The lyrical styles range from confessional to an interior monologue. It's fun to listen to where Michael Var Fickle started, especially after hearing his latest release, "The Clavicle Gate". The early writing featured on "Worrystone" seems to show off a confused tragedy in the making. With "The Clavicle Gate"...the confusion is no more. -NLo

"Worrystone" track listing:
1) Thank You All
2) Outrageous
3) Fined
4) 12 Years Between Coins (Voller version)
5) Cynical Show (innocent version)
6) Two Tons Of Crazy
7) Haven't A Clue
8) Forgot To Look

MVF: guitar & vocals
Steve Newlin: lead guitar
Steve Voller: bass
Tim Flynn: drums
Jason Duncan: percussion on "Outrageous".

All songs written by MVF, except "12 years Between Coins". Music by Steve Voller. Lyrics MVF.
And "Haven't A Clue". Music by Steve Newlin & MVF. Lyrics by MVF.

Produced By Steve Newlin and Michael Var Fickle
Mastered by Marc Jacob Hudson