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Michael Var Fickle songs

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After many years off the grid, Michael Var Fickle returns with...something different. "The Clavicle Gate."

This CD is all over the map! One moment a song will be pulling you in with a somber charm and then suddenly...BOOM! Scared the hell out of me. Dark tales leveled with dry humor. The music? The music is eclectic and electric!! Diverse and multi-styled, Michael Var Fickle takes you on a journey that ebbs and flows through a musical landscape that can only come from a deranged genius of this musical magnitude. His lyric writing is poetic and sometimes blunt with a realism that strikes at the heart of longing, heartbreak, triumph and the indigestion of the soul. A must have for any music listener who goes beyond the mundane and into the real world that sounds great and tastes better.